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Watch the Amplify launch presentation and discover how it enables you to provide the on-demand information that HCPs have been asking for — with the engagement and interaction that they know from detailing meetings.

Conversation guides HCPs

Amplify's conversation can help HCPs navigate through your content by guiding them through a series of questions and providing personalized content recommendations based on their answers.

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Build, edit, and 

Amplify's self-detailing experience builder features a visual canvas that allows you to easily see how your experiences will be structured. Amplify can be quickly learned by anyone — individuals, teams and agencies.

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  • Add self-service to your eDetail or Website
  • Limitless integrations
  • No-code
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Empower HCPs and expand reach

Enable healthcare practitioners to get a full detailing experience, anywhere at any time. Get a better return on your content investments and increase marketing reach.