A new channel is quietly transforming HCP engagement

providing on-demand brand and medical content that's delivered in a friendly, natural way.

HCP journey built in Amplify

HCPs click their way through ‘structured conversations’ at speed

This approach maximises engagement, while ensuring that every interaction is pre-planned for easy MLR

Pharma MLR Review and Approval made easier in Amplify
HCP recieves a personalized message via Amplify

In this way, HCPs get a fast ‘chat-like’ experience that’s always available

HCPs can access through any device at any time

Amplify works across devices
Increase HCP engagement

By making it easy and conversational, reach and contact frequency are boosted

And these solutions can be built quickly by leveraging your existing content using Amplify

Because it’s simple and cost effective, you can unleash your imagination

  • Product launches
  • Pre-marketing
  • Patient support
  • Market research
  • Life-cycle extension

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  • Increase audience engagement
  • Boost your web and detailing experiences
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