Is your brand nearing Loss of Exclusivity?

Automate and personalise your communications to maintain share of voice

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Boost brand engagement despite LoE challenges

Marketing following Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) is a formidable task. Increased competition usually results in sales force redeployment and dramatic cuts to marketing budgets— actions that rapidly reduce marketing reach and contact frequency.

Revolutionizing HCP contact: a new, cost-effective approach

This ‘new world’ requires a fresh approach. What’s needed is an economical solution that maintains HCP contact. That is now possible with Amplify — fully digital engagement that provides the personalised experience that HCPs enjoy from in-person meetings but delivered in a scalable and low-cost way.

Enhancing website engagement with guided journeys with Amplify

Today, customer journeys often end on the HCP or patient portal because it’s too unengaging and relevant information is just too hard to find.  But you don’t have to let the journey end there. Amplify starts where the journey normally ends. Amplify is a new way to place HCPs and patients at the center of your communications and adopt a digital-first approach.

How Amplify can help you

  • Differentiate your brand from generic competitors
  • Sustain brand preference and influencing prescribing behavior
  • Ensure that your massive investments in your websites are not wasted
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Providing self-guided journeys to ensure engagement beyond LoE

Here are three case examples showcasing how Amplify empowers a digital-first engagement strategy for maturing life science brands:


Sustaining HCP Engagement Post-LoE

Amplify offers self-guided digital journeys on web portals lacking HCP engagement, enabling HCPs to access essential information independently, ensuring continued brand support.


Fostering Patient Loyalty after LoE

Amplify facilitates the creation of cost-effective digital journeys to engage patients and consumers consistently, ensuring access to relevant information and maintaining brand connections.


Differentiating Value Proposition without Field Force

Traditionally, when LoE occurs, engagement between the pharmaceutical company and HCPs comes to a halt. However, with Amplify, you can sustain continuous customer engagement and effectively communicate your brand's value proposition even after LoE. This sets you apart from your generic competitors.

Amplify's conversation can help HCPs navigate through your content

What is self-detailing?

A new channel is quietly transforming HCP engagement

providing on-demand brand and medical content that's delivered in a friendly, natural way.

Amplify: Extend product lifecycles beyond LoE

Book a presentation to see how automated HCP engagement works and how Amplify enables you to rapidly create and launch these experiences — overcoming LoE challenges and maximising your carry-over effect.