The first months of a launch are critical for success:

Amplify your message, your reach, and your results

Engage HCPs from launch day

HCPs always want to hear about new treatments, but this window of opportunity closes fast. In truth, your product will never be as interesting as it is in the first few months. Every week, day, and minute is critical. And from launch day, the clock starts ticking. Unless you succeed fast, it can be hard to catch up. That means you must scale your marketing reach fast and maximise engagement early.

With Amplify, you can. You can easily use Amplify to build 7 touchpoints for every HCP in the first 12 weeks of your launch. And these touchpoints will work 24/7, engaging HCPs in your product.

Launch challenges

When launching a new product or indication, typical challenges for pharma marketing and launch excellence teams include:

  • How to maximise share of voice and share of mind
  • How to get e-consent to engage
  • How to drive sales – also in areas with no field force
  • How to train reps, HCPs, and other stakeholders at scale
  • How to build omnichannel journeys that work in reality
  • How to use digital as enabler to drive rep access to HCPs

of products that miss expectations at launch continue doing so in subsequent years, and around 80 percent of products that meet or beat expectations continue to do so afterward.

Deloitte Insights: Key factors to improve drug launches, 2020

Case example

This example shows how Amplify is used to ensure HCP adoption in the first 12 weeks of a launch. Each adoption process will be different and guided by each HCP’s individual knowledge gaps, objections, and needs.  Underneath the video, you can go deeper into what happens at each touchpoint of this HCP’s journey.

Amplify HCP customer journey: from awareness to advocacy

Launch Week

Secure e-consent from HCPs

Secure e-consent from HCPs via self-guided experiences on web portals. After providing e-consent the engaging dialogue continues to brand benefits.

Week 2

Interactive product detail: target patient profile in focus

The HCP receives approved email (AE) with link to a landing page providing an interactive full product detail with a focus on the target patient profile. The HCP is prompted to search for the right patients and recall them for treatment review.

Week 4

Addressing key MoA objection

Following the Rep Meeting, the HCP is sent a rep-triggered email to address a key objection related to MoA. The email links to a guided experience for the HCP to address the objection, including an approved medical response. Based upon this new information, the HCP is prompted to identify new patient segments for treatment.

Week 6

KoL webinar

HQ sends a one-to-many email with invitation to a launch KOL webinar. HCPs click the link and are met with an interactive guide on how to register for the meeting and how to pose topics for discussion. 

Week 8

HCP guided web portal

An approved email with login to the webinar is automatically sent and further details about the webinar are provided. The HCP is taken back to the web portal where the HCP is also guided to other areas of interest including efficacy, safety, dosing, and reimbursement.

Week 10

Webinar follow-up

After the webinar the HCP is sent a rep-triggered email to remind about the patient support programs. These are provided as guided experiences on the web portal – where the HCP is also prompted an option to order relevant patient support materials.

Week 12

Book a virtual appointment

Overview of complete safety profile is provided along with patient case showing Real World Evidence. An invitation to book a virtual appointment with an MSL is provided via online journeys on relevant web pages. The integration enables the HCP to book the meeting when it suits him or her directly in Calendly. 

Amplify's conversation can help HCPs navigate through your content

What is self-detailing?

A new channel is quietly transforming HCP engagement

providing on-demand brand and medical content that's delivered in a friendly, natural way.

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